Service Description

What is iGoCast?

iGoCast provides your local TV programming and additional On Demand Content that is available based on your geographic location. Just like having a TV antenna attached to your cellphone or tablet; iGoCast determines the over the air programming that is available at your location, and provides this programming with the iGoCast app for Personal Computers(PCs), IOS or Android cellphones and tablets.

What makes iGoCast different compared to other streaming services?

iGoCast provides unique local programming, much of which is not available with other streaming service providers or even from your cable or satellite company. iGoCast partners with local Over-the-Air TV stations to provide the same Over-the-Air programming you receive with a traditional TV antenna, but with iGoCast you can watch that programming on your PC, IOS or Android device.

This local programming provides you much better access to local news, local weather, community channels and much more.

Where can I watch iGoCast?

iGoCast live TV channels are available based on your geographic region. At the time of this writing (October 2018), iGoCast is just launching this new service in a few cities. Rest assured, tens of other cities and locations are on their way in the coming months.

The iGoCast app will determine your location and provide a programming guide available to you. When you travel to other locations you will have different programming based on the location.


What devices can I watch on?

iGoCast is currently available on any Windows PC, Android or IOS device.


What cities or regions are supported?

The first launch city is Kansas City.

Many other cities and regions are on their way in the coming weeks and months. Check back often to see if your location is supported, by clicking here

What channels are available?

Please see the channel line up here

How do I sign up?

There is no need to sign up. Start watching now

iGoCast App Troubleshooting

Why can’t I see all the same Over-The-Air Channels available on my TV?

  • iGoCast partners with Over-The-Air Broadcast Operators to provide their channels on the iGoCast service. We are currently in the first year of launching the service and therefore not all channels are available.

Why can’t I see any live TV channels?

  • Check our available city list to be sure you are in one of covered locations, by clicking here
  • If you are traveling away from your normal viewing location, you could be out of the geographic area of the service.

For all other troubleshooting questions:

  • Please send us a support request here

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